Sunday, 20 May 2012


I always salute females for their journey through this phase of permanent cessation of their menstrual cycles. Every day in a female’s life during this phase is a day of untoward worries, social anxieties, physical uneasiness and internal negativism. They try to seek the best mental support from the family around….and the family tries to provide it to the fullest. But in the Indian society the story differs a bit. Indian society or Indian living is an amalgamation of various aspects woven with one another. The male dominance is still prevailing, of course reduced then the previous times. The cultural and religious norms still make women their puppets here.
  With the exceptions of a few percent, majority of the females residing in the urban setup in India, working as well as nonworking, have a specific routine dedicated to their family and work. It might sound funny to you, but say for a house-wife; maintenance of home, care for her family, social and domestic excursions ; these all procedures in her daily life becomes a routine and gradually when she reaches the middle age, these all become a part of her behavioral output. It’s good for her to carry out these tasks with great efficacy and vigor during her younger times. But when she reaches her middle age, the things go different. The physiological decaying has been initiated during this age. Besides the inherited pathological abnormalities for which she is suppose to be ready now, there comes an era of Menopause.
Estrogen deficiency leading to the physiological regression of the reproductive organs of the females and related changes, it forms the base of menopause. But for a simple, less educated, religious, family bounded, indian house wife; are the terms “estrogen deficiency” or “menopausal symptoms” or “osteoporosis” or “cognitive and emotional changes” …..Understandable?  My observation and research in this area denies…For them what is important are simple expressions that make them uneasy in maintaining their designed way of life since years. So how Music is applicable here as a therapy in this aspect? 

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(As said in the lectures by Dr. Parth Oza)

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Dr. Parth Oza

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  1. Any further development? As I had this link via let me know what music can help in menopause?thanks...jyotsana mehta